Institutes - Land-based Studies at Tuorla, Kaarina

Tuorla, a working farm, offers education and training in agriculture, horticulture, nature and the environment.  Tuorla estate has 155 hectares of cultivated land: The arable crops include barley, oats, wheat, spring and turnip rape. For students interested in animal husbandry we have beef cattle and pigs.

Horticulture at Tuorla covers every aspect of this important profession, including landscape, amenity and commercial horticulture as well as floristry. Situated at a former manor by the sea, Tuorla has wide parks and orchards. The gardens contain a wide range of labeled plants for the teaching of amenity students. Our modern commercial glass houses comprise 3 500 m2 and both summer and Christmas flowers are cultivated there. There are also first class facilities for the teaching of landscape skills year round.

Especially for our floristry students we have an excellent purpose built up-to-date floristry building and flower shop equipped with all the modern facilities needed to teach the professional florists of tomorrow
Tuorla also offers education and training for future professionals as advisors in nature and environmental care. Sustainability, taking care of heritage landscapes and cultivating and processing wild plants for people´s wellbeing are some of the main contents of this education.

Adult students can also take such specialist courses as floristry, brewery or agriculture too.

Getting to Tuorla:
There are excellent bus connections to Tuorla from Turku and Salo as well as cycle roads.

Location of Institute

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